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Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores are caused by a virus that lives in the nerves within our bodies. They can be painful and unsightly, but are also contagious at some stages. It is best to have treatment to reduce those effects. Our office offers a laser treatment solution for those with cold sores. The procedure is quick and painless. It involves about 5-10 minutes of treatment with a laser to deactivate the virus. It works best to have the treatment done as soon as the symptoms arise. This usually means treatment will need to be completed in the first 1-2 days. If the treatment occurs at that time, it will greatly reduce the symptoms or eliminate it completely. It often prevents the cold sore from re-occurring in that same place.

This service may be covered by your dental insurance. If not, the treatment is $72. Please give us a call if you are interested! Because it is time sensitive, we will do our best to squeeze this treatment into our schedule.

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