I have been extremely pleased with Florissant Dental Services. The staff consistently communicate care and interest in their patient’s experience. It’s not “just a job” for them. There is obvious teamwork and endeavorsto take care of their patients the best way possible. Nobody relishes the impending dentist appointment. I was genuinely impressed with Dr. Wolken. Her touch is so gentle and she communicates caring and compassion, frequently questioning if you’re ok. This trip to the dentist has not been uncomfortable at all. The staff deserve recognition and praise for their efforts to make positive impressions.

 – Cathie L. 

I really had a wonderful experience. Everyone was friendly, and I was very educated on how to keep my teeth healthier.

 – Clark K. 

My name is Vera, I am 56 years young and I came to this office with 18 teeth in my mouth and there is decay in each tooth.  The back molar tooth on each side at the top are so decayed, and yes, rotten, that I am 100% sure that most dentists would look and them and unanimously decide to pull them.  But not Dr. Landgraf.  He is a Doctor in the Business of saving each and every tooth the way an MD would give 100% to save a LIFE. I sat in that chair feeling defeated and depressed. I saw the before pictures.  This man’s hands are gifted, every tooth he touches instantly it seems, becomes regenerated.  Dr. Landgraf has given me back 2 new molars with a filling-not a crown. Only because I’m on a pension and at this time couldn’t afford the crown. Dr. Landgraf has very special gift.  His hands, his 10 fingers, his heart, are all touched by God.  Thank you for slowly and patiently giving me back my smile, hope, and dignity each and every time I open my mouth. I know the light shining from my teeth is very bright.

– Vera

It’s always a pleasure coming to Florissant Dental Services. The staff here are always professional, kind, and courteous.  They’re careful to advise me of practicing good dental hygiene habits. They explain the procedures before performing work, and do follow up calls to make sure I’m fine after all my visits to their offices for dental care.  I recently completed a one year tour of duty in Iraq, and the staff was mindful to send me cards, and care packages to keep me encouraged. I really enjoy this staff here, and will continue to visit this office for all my dental care far into the future.

 – Tarrence K. 

This is the most techniquely advanced, comfortable environment I have ever experienced! I would recommend this facility to anyone with teeth.

 – Rich B. 

I have been coming to Florissant dental for about 15 years.  I totally trust Dr. Landgraf and his staff with my oral health.  The entire staff is friendly and professional. I refer everyone I know to Florissant Dental.

 – Karen B. 

I have been coming to Florissant Dental for almost 45 yearr, starting with Dr. John’s dad!  I have referred several people.  If you want healthy teeth and keep them for a lifetime, Florissant Dental is here to help!

 – Cindy D. 

The staff at Dr. Landgraf’s office are all professional and very friendly. My son loves coming to see the dentist and is excited whenever he hears that he’s been doing a good job taking care of his teeth. I was nervous about coming after skipping visits a few years, but everyone there was great! Everyone was encouraging and they worked with me to develop a plan to get my teeth back in good shape. If you have any reservations about coming to the dentist, come see Dr. Landgraf and his staff. They are awesome.

 – Francine T.

Dr. Landgraf and his team, especially Shannon, Julie, and Sarah, did a great job on my needy mouth- one crown, several old fillings, and few new ones! Real pros.  The front office, Laura and the new gal, Elizabeth greet with a smile and keep the place running.

 – Mark A. 

When I first met John (Dr. Landgraf), I could tell that he was a caring and gentle person. Which for me is important in a dentist.  Having never been drilled on in 33 years, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered.  I highly recommend John to those who are apprehensive about going to the dentist.

– T.C. 

I’ve been coming to Dr. Landgraf for three or four years now.  My teeth were bad shape when I first got here. I was always nervous about going to the dentist, because of the bad previous experiences.  My teeth look and feel much better since I’ve been coming here. He has been very professional, and everything was relatively painless.

 – Scott B. 

Florissant Dental Services is Great!

 – Susan M. 

I really would like to thank everyone at Florissant Dental Services for the exceptional service they have provided since I started with you back on 6/23! Because of the bad experience I received with my last dentist, I have developed a phobia for the dental office.  However, with the great treatment that I have gotten from Alicia, Heather, Julie, Beth, Laura, and the rest of the team  I really feel at ease coming to the dentist now.  It really blew my mind when I received a phone call from the Doc after a visit to make sure I was okay.  I  truly feel that customer service is the cornerstone to any business, and would like to say that you guys have it figured out! Thank you for the great service!

 – Zeke L. 

I was a little nervous about changing dentists, but when my dad took me to get my teeth checked out, I didn’t have to be.  The assistants were really nice to me and explained anything and everything very well.  Dr. Landgraf was the same.

 – Carley R. 

I am very satisfied with all of the work Dr. Landgraf has done for me!

 – Brigid G.

I have been going to FDS for a few years and I absolutely love it. I like Dr. Landgraf and his staff- they’re wonderful. They have all of the latest technology & the best thing of all is they get you in and out quickly!

 – Alicia D.

I was in desperate need of braces and was recommended to Dr. Landgraf for a consultation.  I was very impressed and began the process in June 2009.  Immediately, I fell in love with the professionalism of the entire staff!  Everyone is always friendly and knowledgable and I’m happy to say I’ve found a permanent home at FDS!

 – Shaquan G.

The staff at Florissant Dental Services  iare always so helpful and friendly. I enjoy my check-ups with them (most people can’t say that about their dentist.

 – Alicia D.

I recommend Dr Landgraf’s office to anyone looking for a dentist. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Landgraf for 20 years. Over the years, health problems transformed my mouth into a real challenge for dental care professionals. Dr. Landgraf and his friendly staff met these challenges and continue to provide excellent dental care for me and my family.  Words to describe their dental care: skillful, informed, thoughtful, gentle, and friendly.

 – Ken H. 

I went and got my teeth clean here and they feel and look so much better. I couldn’t be happier. I brush everyday, but coming here they found things I didn’t know I had wrong. Overall, I love Florissant Dental. Great Job!

 – Joverda L.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Landgraf for several years and have always been treated well, both personally and professionally. The staff is friendly and helpful. The hygienists are comfortable to be with, articulate, and instructive.  Dr. Landgraf explains what I need to get done so that I can make informed decisions. I highly recommend Florissant Dental Services.

 – Diane F.

I am thoroughly satisfied with the professional care and treatment that I get at Florissant Dental Services.  I feel that my teeth are in good hands. The staff here are excellent care givers.

 – Bessie L.

The bedside manner of the entire staff far exceeds anything I could have asked. Everyone is informative and contientious of everyone around. I am very pleased and would recommend to anyone and everyone and don’t think I’ll go anywhere else.

 – Elizabeth B.

I have been coming to Dr. Landgraf since I was in second grade and my teeth were all messed up. Over the years he has given me a big smile with nice, straight teeth.  Everyone who works there is great and really friendly. Thanks Dr. Landgraf!

 – Olivia S.

Over the years I have had many dental issues and developed a fear of going to the dentist. But, thanks to Dr. Landgraf and his staff, I no longer have that fear- and for the first time in a very long time, I am not afraid to SMILE!

 – Donna E.

I am so glad I have come to Dr. Landgrafs office. He and his staff are all so very nice and have done a lot for me and I would recommend anyone to come to him.

 – Rose V.

Florissant Dental Services and Dr. Landgraf have cared for my whole family’s teeth for more than 25 years.  We have always found them to be professional, thoughtful and caring.  We know we can depend on Dr. Landgraf and his team to be in the forefront of dentistry education and innovation.  I am quite sure my dental health and resulting overall health would not be as successful without the consistent care and attention of Florissant Dental Services and Dr. John Landgraf.

 – Judy H.

I have been coming to Dr. Landgraf for many years. One of the first things that impressed me was his after-care phone call making sure everything was good after my procedure. The Doctor and staff have been very accomodating to my needs and concerns about my oral hygeine.

– Mary D.

Florissant Dental Services has shown me what customer service is since the day I walked in. I grew up with no insurance and did not visit the dentist often growing up. Once I started my career and attained insurance, I found Florissant Dental Services. Without frequent dentist visits as a teenager, obviously my teeth were not in good shape. Actually, they were terrible, to say the least. From the first phone call I had with Florissant Dental Services til this testimony that I am writing, I have been a patient for over a year. Florissant Dental Services have shown me nothing but “A” class service with every interaction, and the price is great.  I am 24 years old and feel as if I will have healthy teeth for life.

 – Abe Q.

Since I’ve become a patient at Florissant Dental Services, I can honestly say that I don’t mind coming to the dentist. Their top priority is to make sure you are comfortable at all times. The entire staff is very friendly and professional and they always follow up with you after treatment. Thank you Florissant Dental Services!

 – Dionne L.

My entire family has been with Dr. Landgraf and staff for 20+ years. From dental work to orthodontia, we have always received professional, courteous, efficient and timely dental care.

 – Judy T.

I’ve been visiting Dr. Landgraf’s office for dental care for my entire adult life. It’s clear that everyone on staff works hard to do their very best. They seem to keep up with all the latest technology and make a good effort to keep the patient comfortable.

 – Mark S. 

I’ve been going to Florissant Dental for many years.  The exceptional work and care from Dr. Landgraf and all of his staff is why I’ll be returning for many more.  I’ve had bridges, an extraction, and a bone implant over the years (hopefully, not again!!) but it was the best care you can ever get! Good job!

 – Linda L.

My family and I have been going to Dr. L for over 20 years now.  I have always been impressed by their genuine conection and professionalism with my family and myself.  Their work is exceptional and long lasting.  All dental work that I recieved as a child is still perfect and well maintained.  For anyone who is looking for friendly and expert dental care, I would recommend Dr. Landgraf.

 – Sterling H.

Thank you so much for treating me and my 21-year-old son, Alex U. with such patience, care and respect. Dentists have refused to treat him and he’s refused treatment from some. I am in awe at how wornderful the experience was for us both. AND, he’s willing and ready for the next visit!

– Cindy T.

You were great dealing with our kids, so kindly and in such a professional way, they enjoyed the visit and can not wait to go back. Thank you for making this dental experience a blessing to them, we appreciate you all.

 – Clara T.